Equipment & Infrastructure

The key equipment & infrastructure includes:

  • Opera Phenix (Perkin Elmer) High Content Screening System (high throughput confocal microscope with up to 4 channels measured simultaneously and variable objectives)
  • CLARIOstar Plus (BMGLabtech) and Cytation (Biotek) multimode plate readers (absorbance, fluorescence including time-resolved and fluorescence polarisation, luminescence andderivatives)
  • Echo (Labcyte) acoustic dispenser (precise touch-free liquid dosing in 2.5 nL droplets)
  • Variable liquid handling and automation equipment
  • AGAMEDETM robotic system (proprietary, developed in-house robotic system for automation and coordination of tasks)
  • Fully equipped synthetic, analytical, biochemical, molecular biology and cell culture laboratories
  • Associated equipment: Minflux (Abberior) – ultra-high-resolution microscope and imaging platform (2-3 colour & 3D/3D STED & Minflux with down below 5 nm resolution, FLIM, FCS)