Offer & Services

Development of molecular assays & high throughput screening (typically down to 384-well plate format)

  • stages: assay development, miniaturisation, automation, primary screening, hits validation, orthogonal assays, data analysis
  • biological targets and models: RNA, proteins, plant cells, animal (including human) 2D and 3D cellular models, patient-derived samples
  • modes of detection: absorbance, fluorescence, bioluminescence and derivatives as well as advanced multiparametric imaging
  • libraries of chemical compounds: EU-OPENSCREEN diversity library of 100k commercially available compounds (including 5k pilot library for testing), EU-OPENSCREEN “pilot” library of 5000commercial “bioactives” libraries (PRESTWICK and LOPAC), EU-OPENSCREEN diversity library of 100k compounds, academic compound libraries of EU-OPNESCREEN and POL-OPENSCREEEN as well as any libraries provided by the user)
  • Examples of more unique assays:
    • a) assays and screening for RNA binders (esp. binders of specific 3D RNA structures),
    • b) multiparametric assays for pairs of enzymes in one assay,
    • c) bioprofiling (evaluation of ROS generation and luciferases inhibition by compounds – for higher reliability and off-target elimination)
    • d) advanced multiparametric imaging for more reliable, early-stage safety evaluation nand mechanism deconvolution (e.g. cell painting – hyperlink to the article:

Fig. 2 Cell painting experiment a) example workflow b) photograph of stained HEK cells (4 channels) c) photograph of stained A549 cells (4 channels)
Medicinal chemistry:

  • hit analysis, selection and design of targeted libraries for structure-activity-relationship evaluation
  • Molecule (hit) optimization & tool compounds development
  • Synthesis (organic synthesis, biosynthesis, biocatalysis, semi-synthesis) of complex, difficult to prepare analogues (e.g. analogues of natural comuponds)
  • Isolation and purification of chemicals

Advanced image and data analysis
Technology co-development and testing (particularly in collaboration with industry)
scientific expertise & consulting in preparation of concepts of research projects & research grant applications involving experiments on our infrastructure to suport acquisition of research funding.
Other services (associated):

  • Ultra-resolution fluorescence microscopy (STED & MINFLUX down to < 5 nm, 2D and 3D, multicolour, FLIM, FCS)
  • Design & development of fluorescent & bioluminescent probes & covalent inhibitors
  • Protein production & crystallisation
  • Mass spectrommetry & NMR

Image-based flow cytommetry & fluorescence-assisted cell sorting (FACS)