1st POL-OPENSCREEN workshop summary


The 1st POL-OPENSCREEN workshop took place on June 10th, 2022 at the Institute of Medical Biology PAS in Lodz. It was organized by the National Library of Chemical Compounds (NLCC) lunched at the beginning of this year. NLCC is as a part of POL-OPENSCREEN, the Polish research infrastructure of open access screening platforms for chemical biology being a part of EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC consortium.

NLCC offers free depositing of chemical compounds synthesized in national laboratories (universities, institutes, research laboratories, etc.). The compounds deposited in the Library are bioprofiled free of charge and then made available to interested entities, both Polish and foreign, for biological screening and other scientific research. The resources of NLCC are shared with EU-OPENSCREEN academic library.

The workshop was attended by 35 participants representing institutions and research centers that signed MTA with NLCC and guests. The aim of the workshop was to raise awareness of the advantages and possibilities of NLCC. The key importance of NLCC for the ability to test synthesized compounds and generate added value from wider use of the synthesized chemical compounds was emphasized.

NLCC staff presented the infrastructure of the library and the compound deposition process step by step. The participants presented their organizations and the compounds collections that they can provide to the NLCC. The discussion of interdisciplinary group was focused on the possibilities of cooperation, enriching the library of compounds and further development of NLCC. The 2nd POL-OPENSCREEN workshop will be held soon.