Participation in the Titian Mosaic User Group Meeting in 2023


On September 21, Agata Kraj and Dorota Borowiecka from the National Library of Chemical Compounds (NLCC) POL-OPENSCREEN participated in the User Group Meeting of Titian’s Mosaic software. This software is used at NLCC to manage the compound library. The annual meeting was held this year in Darmstadt, at the headquarters of the pharmaceutical company Merck HC KGaA.

Titian employees presented improvements in the operating mechanisms and new functionalities of the Mosaic software introduced in version 9.0, as well as the upcoming version 9.1. One of the points of the meeting was a case study of the use of Mosaic software in sample collection management presented by Merck employees along with a tour of the company’s laboratories.

A number of consultation talks were held about changes in subsequent versions of Mosaic and their practical application in sample libraries. Possibilities of introducing further integrations with respect to equipment that are elements of the NLCC infrastructure were discussed.

The meeting allowed to expand knowledge and answer a number of questions that translate into greater work efficiency in managing the library of NLCC compounds. It also allowed for the exchange of knowledge and establishment of direct contacts both with other users of Mosaic software from the biological and chemical industry and with software developers.

NLCC at UGM of Titian's Mosaic software 2023 1

NLCC at UGM of Titian's Mosaic software 2023 3

NLCC at UGM of Titian's Mosaic software 2023 2