The Visit of the Titian Team in NLCC


On November 28-30, Titian engineers from Poland and Great Britain visited the National Library of Chemical Compounds. The purpose of the meeting was to exchange knowledge about the possibilities of Titian’s Mosaic software, used in KBZCh to manage the transferred samples of chemical compounds. Practical testing and analysis of the processes of accepting chemical compounds by engineers from Titian directly at KBZCh allowed for their improvement, as well as expanding the knowledge of KBZCh employees on preventing and solving technical failures.

The effect of the interdisciplinary cooperation between KBZCh and Titian was the introduction of improvements that have a positive impact on the process of transferring chemicals, their management and making them available for screening. It was also an opportunity for Titian’s employees to familiarize themselves with the use of Mosaic software and the problems associated with it on site, which will undoubtedly contribute to the development of new, improved versions as well as to the continuous improvement of the quality of working contacts between the software supplier and users.

The Visit of the Titian Team in NLCC EN