About library

The goal and mission of the EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC project is organizing, construction and operation of a pan-European infrastructure enabling the creation of academic and commercial collections of chemical compounds, organizing a network of high-throughput screening centers (partner sites), chemical synthesis and optimization of methods of identified tools and drug-candidates, as well as bioprofiling and in vivo testing of compounds. The created database is open and available to all interested research institutions, universities and the pharmaceutical industry on agreed terms.

In the national part of the project, POL-OPENSCREEN, two mutually complementary goals are pursued: the first goal was to create the National Library of Chemical Compounds (NLCC) at the IMB PAS in Lodz. The NLCC infrastructure was launched in November 2021 and began accepting compounds synthesized in Polish laboratories (universities, institutes, research laboratories, etc.). It should be emphasized that NLCC is the first compounds bank of this type in the country.

The second task is to consolidate and strengthen the existing national screening infrastructure in order to intensify the screening of chemical compounds in quest for new biological activities. The Bacteriology-Virology Screening Laboratory was launched at the IMB PAS in Lodz, a platform for high-throughput screening of chemical compounds at the IBCH PAS in Poznan, and a platform for virtual screening, ADME and optimizing the structure of the leading compounds was established at the IBB PAS in Warsaw.