How to deposit compounds

The entity submitting chemical compounds to the National Library of Chemical Compounds (NLCC) may be an organization (university, institute, company) or a person who is the legal owner of these compounds. Chemical compounds may be synthesized in an institution or purchased, published or not.

The conditions for the transfer of compounds to the NLCC are specified in the Agreement for the Transfer of Compounds (MTA). Before depositing the compounds, it is required to sign an Agreement which, in addition to the rules of cooperation with the NLCC, specifies the persons authorized by the compounds’ submitting party to direct contact with the NLCC and their contact details, as well as the persons authorized for such contacts on the part of the NLCC. The list of authorized persons may be updated. The Agreement is signed by a person legally representing the institution, on the NLCC part, by the director of the IMB PAS.

The process of compounds’ submission includes an initial selection of compounds by the submitting party (chemists) intended to be transfered to the NLCC using the selection criteria of compounds adopted by the NLCC (criteria for the selection of compounds for the NLCC can be found in the Agreement for the Transfer of Compounds and in “Documents to download” on the POL-OPENSCREEN web page.

If the compounds meet the above criteria, the the person authorized by the submitting party, specified in the Agreement for the Transfer of Compounds registers the compounds online using an interactive form (please see a schematic diagram of the form in the “Documents to download” tab) located on the website, and then provides 15 – 20 mg samples of compounds or more if possible, to the NLCC in standard Micronic containers with a capacity of 2 mL, marked with a barcode and digital code provided by NLCC. A photo of a single set of 48 tubes can be found in the “Documents to download” tab. Instructions describing the exact procedure for transferring compounds can be found in the “Documents to download” tab.

The submitted compounds, after verifying purity and formatting, will be included into the NLCC collection and then subjected to bioprofiling (the list of bioprofiling tests can be found in the “Documents to download” tab). Then compounds will be made available to interested Users for screening and other scientific research.

The compounds providing party (chemists) will have access to the NLCC database and will be able to monitor the status of the donated compounds as well as have access to the entire list of compounds deposited in NLCC collection.