How to use the collection

The USER, after registering, will have access to the NLCC database. Compounds selected by the USER from the NLCC collection, in the form of daughter plates containing 10 mM solutions of compounds in DMSO with a volume of 10 µL, will be provided to USERS both in Poland and abroad free of charge or on a “non-profit” basis, based on a separate agreement (Compound Sharing Agreement) between NLCC and the USER in order to conduct screening tests or other research.

If the compound shows biological activity in any of the test systems performed by USER (i.e., dose-dependent effect is found), the NLCC will notify the the compounds providing party (chemists) on the results without undue delay, after NLCC receives such information from the USER, in order to allow the PROVIDER and the USER to initiate cooperation in possible further evaluation of the active compound and its chemical optimization.

The rules of research cooperation between the PROVIDER and the USER will be agreed in a separate agreement between them.